At present, Bajaj Eye Hospital is running on contributions received from the Trustees, which is not sufficient. The hospital continuously needs upgrading to new equipments and infrastructure development/repairs/maintenance. Additionally, funds are always required to hire good doctors and be able to provide good treatment at low cost to poor people. There is a need of minimum Rupees Ten Lacs per annum to ensure a smooth functioning of this trust.

To make the hospital self sufficient in all types of treatments based on general requirement of local population, we need some more instruments and infrastructural facilities.

Therefore, the Trust wants to address some of the medical problems being Eye care. It wants to provide the most modern Eye Care facility, with minimal workforce and trained staff alongwith doctors at minimal cost and time.

For this, we appeal to all distinguished people to DONATE to their capacity. Our trust is registered under section 80C of Income Tax Act, which makes all donations exempted from Income Tax as per the rules.

All Donations can be sent by to: 

Hiralal Madanlal Bajaj Charity Trust
1/1, Vansittart Row, 3rd floor,
BBD Bag,
Kolkata- 700 001,
West Bengal,

Tel: +91 33 2248-6643.

Following are the bank details for transferring of donation/funds:
Central Bank of India,  
45689 Romalila Chowk, Rajasthan 331001
Account No: 3265098311
IFSC code : CBIN0284545
MICR Code:331016002