Bajaj Eye Hospital is run by Hiralal Madanlal Bajaj Charity Trust. it is a family trust governed by family of Late Hira Lal Bajaj and Late Madan Lal Bajaj.

The Trust is a registered Trust in the State of Rajasthan and has its registered office in Kolkata, West Bengal.

The Hospital is run by the Trustees and medical professionals. The trust is a non-profit organization.

All expenses are jointly met by trustees, their friends and families – who have come forward and contributed wholeheartedly over the last decade to make it one of the best managed hospitals in the vicinity.

Registered Office

Hiralal Madanlal Bajaj Charity Trust
1/1, Vansittart Row, 3rd floor,
BBD Bag, Kolkata- 700 001,
West Bengal, (India).

Tel: +91 33 2248-6643.
       +91 97840 45066.