The brain is our most vital organ, allowing us to live complex lives. Our eyes are windows to the world. Eyes gather light from the surroundings and help our brain build the picture we see. By keeping our eyes healthy, we keep our brain healthy – improving our overall quality of life. The vision is missing or blurry then our quality of life is also adversely affected.

We at our hospital strongly believe that having a clear vision is a birth right for every living being. While there are many known issues with eyes, one very common problem with the eyes is cataract. As we get old cataract starts to develop in our eyes and when cataract matures the vision is severely affected.

The Bajaj family found out that there were an extremely high number of cataract patients in their area. Additionally, they realized that the population from lower income group could not afford the high costs of surgery. Keeping all this in mind, they decided to convert their existing Dharamshala in Churu, Rajasthan, to a charitable eye hospital.

The prime objective of this hospital was to provide high quality cataract surgeries at minimal costs. It was also decided to provide the surgery at a highly discounted price or for free – depending on the financial health of the patient.

The hospital works on the philosophy that “Everyone has the right to see” – we try to ensure that if and we can do it, we shall do it. “No One Should Go Away”.